Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1237
Auburn, ME 04210-1237

Store Address

146 Madison Street
Auburn, ME 04210
Phone: (207) 783-8478
Fax: (207) 783-6504

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
9:00AM To 4:00PM



Computer HELP a full service computer service and parts supplier. We stock a wide array of parts and brands for our customer’s convenience.

We have active partnerships with Microsoft, Lexmark, Axis Security Cameras, Qnap, ViVotek, Lenovo, and NVIDIA. We have worked hard to develop long term relationships with our partners and suppliers, to provide our customers with the best service and widest selection possible. If you need something and we don’t have it in stock, we can typically get it within 48 hours, sometimes less. We stand by the products we sell. In fact, if you ever have a problem with a product you have purchased from us while it’s under warranty, bring it to us. We’ll process the warranty request for you, usually at no cost to you beyond outgoing shipping. We’ll spare you the hassle and headache of working through the return or repair request.

Depending on the part, we may even be able to provide a loaner to get you by until the repair or replacement is fulfilled.

We Can help with all your computing needs! We sell and service:
PCs/Laptops – Monitors – Printers – Storage – Computer Hardware – Software


Spam Stops Here

SpamStopsHere combines best-in-class efeatures, with simple usability, customizable filtering, and dependable customer support to provide you with a spam elimination solution that is second to none. We are certain that you will find that SpamStopsHere is the perfect fit for your needs.

  •  Blocks over 99% of spam “out of the box” and passes 99.999% of legitimate email. No tuning needed!
  • Completely database driven, updated every few minutes to stop latest spam campaigns
  • Our “honeypots” harvest millions of spam per day and our tools and 24/7 staff ensure up-to-the-minute accuracy
  • Does not filter based on “trigger” words or weighted heuristics; therefore allows any content, even medical
  • Exceptionally effective at blocking offensive images and Phishing scams
  • No hardware or software to setup or maintain – No tuning, no training, no changes to your computers
  • No email delay – real-time filtering (Virus scanning on huge attachments may take longer)
  • Bandwidth savings often greater than cost of service! Spam can easily overwhelm a T1
  • Improves email reliability – multiple redundant server clusters at diverse US datacenters; auto store-and-forward
  • Optional Anti-Virus scanning


Email Encryption

As encryption has become more of a requirement than a “best practice”, IT professionals and business owners are faced with the monumental challenge of knowing the applicable laws and also how these laws impact their organization. With this rapidly changing climatecan you really afford not to know what your users are sending insecurely?

Email Encryption delivers encrypted email messages to anyone through flexible delivery options. Encrypted email is automatically delivered in the manner that works best for the end user. End-users can communicate seamlessly and securely with no additional steps. End-users do not have to build their own directory of encryption keys for all of their partners and customers.