Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1237
Auburn, ME 04210-1237

Store Address

146 Madison Street
Auburn, ME 04210
Phone: (207) 783-8478
Fax: (207) 783-6504

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday
9:00AM To 4:00PM


Nancy FournierNancy
Nancy is one of the owners. She is in the background mostly but her talents are in sales. Nancy is very good with people. She knows how to listen and that’s a key factor in sales. She is always working on developing new approaches for us in the office and for our customers. Nancy has brought in many new customers and continually strives to make this a better work place.

Judy FournierRay
Judy is an owner also and is the one that helped to get us on the map. She has the accounting skills that was needed on a day to day basis to keep very efficient records. So many transactions on a daily basis that needed to be done or no computer work would have been accomplished. No sales could have been done or any research could have been done on our customers behalf.

Ray FournierRay
Ray is the founder and president of CHI. Ray’s love for computers and all things digital is the reason why we are here. Ray founded CHI in 1999, and remains dedicated to ensuring our customer’s receive the highest quality service. Tireless in his drive to move the company forward, Ray is not just the president, but also a tech, and our lead salesman.